Environmental impacts on Mount Everest


Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world is famous for adventurous tourism . Mount Everest is in the small Himalayan kingdom Nepal. Every year millions of tourist came to see and climb the Everest. Among these most of the tourist came to climb Everest and for the trekking around the Everest base camp and other beautiful places of Nepal. Nepal is popular for the adventurous tourism. Recently Nepal is promoted for the World’s top ten Adventurous destination for the tourism by the UNESCO. With the growing number of tourist every year there is increase in the solid waste in the area around Mount Everest and Sagarmatha National Park. Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa from Nepal were the first person to climb Mount Everest. Since then Mount Everest was opened for the public to climb over it. Increase in tourism has negative impact on the environment of Mount Everest and Sagarmatha National park.

Mountain trekking and increase in solid waste

Mountain trekking is one of the most adventurous tourism in the Nepal. Nepal has lots of different places famous for the adventurous tourism and among these the area around the Mount Everest is one the most popular place of Nepal. These adventurous tourism attract lots of tourist who like to travel to the exotic and unknown places. As Nepal is least developed country many places are devoid of the roads so tourist has to carry lots of stuffs for lodging materials and foods while going for the trekking in these sort of exotic places. With the increase in the number of tourist the Mount Everest and its surrounding area are dumped with the solid waste like the oxygen tanks, empty cans, water bottle, plastic covers of the food, candy wrappers, tissue papers and others.


From the above video, we can see the high amount of trashes that are dumped in the Mount Everest by the tourist. Due to the global warming and climate change the snow re melting and more solid waste that were buried deep inside the snow are coming out . Not only the solid waste even the dead bodies are coming out on the surface. Recently the Sherpas and the tourist tried to collect the garbage from the Mount Everest but to the high altitude and lack of oxygen they could not collect many of the waste .  We  can see how climate change has affect the Mount Everest in below videos.

Melting of Snow

We can in the video that the level of snow are very low compared to the pictures of 1992. In the past there were bulk of snow but now the melting of galcier and snow are changing the original structure of the Mountians. these melting of glacier is affecting in the life of the people living on that area. as water is being scarce and the main occupation of the people of that area is agriculture so it is directly affecting to the farmer.

Request for the tourist

As the solid waste deposited on the Mount Everest is all by the tourist. so, it is kindly request for the tourist who want to visit Mount Everest that their small careless is bringing huge environmental impacts on the Mount Everest. If they could be conscious of these environmental impacts and bring the waste stuffs with them on the base camp and deposit on proper place there will be no more deposition of solid waste.

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Multimodal argument project

For the multimodal argument project , I am working on the impacts of Eco-tourism on the mount Everest. The main purpose of this blog would be to give awareness about the environmental degradation on the Mount Everest and its surrounding area.  My argument project will start with the definition of  eco-tourism, why Mount Everest is favorite destination for adventurous  tourism , what are the advantages of the tourism and what are the disadvantages of the tourism. The main focus of my argument project will be environment of Mount Everest is deteriorating day by day due to the increase in the number of tourist. I also need to explain in detail about the major environmental impacts like the increase in solid waste in the highest peak , deforestation increased with the increase in the number of tourist and the massive soil erosion  caused due to the deforestation. My audience will be anyone who is interested in my topic and person who are related with environment majors.

My goal is as mention above , to give awareness about the impacts of eco-tourism in Mount everest. My main targeted audience will be anyone who is interested in the adventurous tourism. I want to give information about how the carelessness of the tourist helps in the environmental degradation of that place giving the example of mount Everest and how its environment is degraded due to the tourism. I hope that my message will reach the targeted audience and they will be conscious about the environment of that place before visiting to that place.

The rhetorical strategies I will be using in this assignment are logical appeal and the use of pictures and some videos . The logical argument is necessary in order to persuade the audience and I think that If I could include the pictures and videos that can show Mount Everest and how its environment is degrading it will be more strong argument. I think more gets more attracted on the topic by looking at the picture. audience refer to see videos and pictures than to read the paragraph. And also pictures and videos are real proof and they can teach a lot than the paragraph .

I think in comparison to traditional composition, this multimodal argument is more interesting. Usually audience prefer to read blogs than the whole essay and also it is easy to understand. Multimodal composition has pictures, videos which attract the audience whereas  traditional composition is just full of sentences .

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Difference between traditional composition and multimodal compostion

Multimodal composition is the type of composition where different types of media like audio, picture, video are used in order to persuade audience whereas in traditional composition only writing and text are used in order to persuade audience. Traditional Composition is more formal than the multimodal composition. Even informal tone are used in the multimodal composition . Usually the audience of traditional; composition is limited like only the academic audience whereas the audience of multimodal composition could be anyone  who has access to internet and who is interested in the topic. We can get immediate comments on the multimodal composition  not only this there is immediate peer review too. Multimodal composition is short and interesting in comparison to the traditional composition.

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